Inclusive music sessions and technical activities bespokely developed for the citizens at Cerebral Palsy Midlands. 
Supervised by Ben Linstead, specialised techniques and methods have proven to be highly stimulating for people of various ages and interests. 
We have a good selection of instruments and gear; including drums, guitars, keyboards, pedal effects, percussion, mics, amps, speakers and computer systems. 
The CPM Connection involves guided free-expression, adaptive teamwork, bespoke one-on-one sessions, personal development, recording work, IT / sound production experience, visual design, instrument maintenance and public performances. 
We have a live room practice from 1pm - 3pm every Tuesday, occasionally recording parts individually on our Mac computer to create albums and individual pieces of work. 
On Thursdays from 10am - 12pm we regularly use multiple connected headphones in order to interact with each other in a controlled intimate environment and occasionally record. 
We also now have interactive gaming (Thursday afternoons from 1pm – 3pm) and personal interest focussed sessions on Friday mornings (10am – 12pm). 
Virtual Reality and Motion Sensor activities are also available. 

Ben jamming on the keyboard 

Louise on the drums 

Ian jamming on his guitar 

CPM Rehearsal Schedule: 
Tuesdays, 1pm-3pm (LIVE session, recordings, discussion) 
Thursdays, 10am-12pm (Full band improvised rehearsal) 1pm - 3pm Interative Gaming 
Fridays, 10 - 12pm (small group sessions, recordings, discussion) 
For enquiries and bookings please contact  

Interactive gaming: Ben, Gary & Matt 

Hamzah and Gary gaming 

Ian D experiencing virtual reality 

Back in 2012, veteran CPM citizen and rock music fan, Gary Ironmonger, began participating in electric guitar jam sessions with then volunteer tutor, Matthew Hale. 
The development of the project since then has been something of a phenomenon. With the addition of more donated instruments and a steady increase in attendance from a diverse group of other CPM service users, these sessions (collectively known as The CPM Connection) have provided an awesome platform for expression and interaction. 
Primary Aims for CPM Connection are to: 
Enrich the lives of individuals through sound expression, communication and team work 
Build confidence and motivation 
Educate on live performance, instrument maintenance and studio recording 
Experience performing relevant live shows in the public sphere 

More images below of our CPM Connection Band members and their rehearsals and sessions at CPM! 

If you have any comments or questions, please fill in the form below. 

On 16th February 2023 at 15:29, Latisha Reid wrote:
Where are your sessions based please? What is the group like that attends? as I like to make friends too.
On 16th May 2022 at 16:44, Michelle Carter wrote:
Hi I am the manager of a Residential home in Redditch looking for information on activities that the service user's could take part in. Could I please have more information about your sessions( times, prices, registration)
Many thanks
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