Carl Johnson 

Carl produces pieces of art that have meaning to him. He likes to be a hands on sort of artist, creating 3D sculptures.  
His current piece is in the image of a footballer. It took many hours of sculpting, including the construction of the original shape of the body and head. From this countless hours were spent covering the sculpture in bandage to give it strength and then using modroc plaster (used in plaster casts) to further strengthen the model. After this, the piece was painted in Carl's unique design, which included using a mixture of blue and white paint for the torso and then giving the face a light skin tone. Please see images below to see the completion of the sculpture.  

Carl's work 

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City street (animation background), 2012 

Big City, 2013 

Prince William, 2014 Acrylic on paper 

A transcript of a painting by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 2011.  Acrylic on paper 

Carl Johnson is working on a 3D puppet sculpture project 'Rumplestiltskin'. The set is still being painted. 

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