Wednesday 1st July 
The community day was the first of its kind since prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Months of endless work and organisation from the staff team had been allocated to having this celebration here at CPM.  
Wendy Titmus lead a group of citizens into the art room with an incredibly ambitious project to create a Royal themed artwork display, this took an incredible dedication of time inside and outside the centre. 
Musical Director Richard Ganner and his Being Heard Musical Group had pieced together a lovely performance of poetry, words and a good ole 'Sing-a-long'. The video to the right, created by Craig Keough gives you a sample of the fantastic community day that we had. 
Afternoon tea followed the performance, we had a lovely buffet and cakes to share. The day finished with a disco and our own 'Dancing Queen', Sarah Lilly our Development Officer in fancy dress as The Queen. 
Thank you to Craig Keough who edited this short video highlighting our fabulous day and celebrations at Cerebral Palsy Midlands. 

CPM's Royal Artwork Display  

A major big thank you to Darren and Steven that spent many hours with Wendy displaying the artwork and then they both displayed the interior for the CPM jubilee celebration. 

'United' CPM Collaboration (2022) Acrylic and liquid acrylic on canvas. 

'United', is a group collaboration that encouraged the participation of all members of the CPM Community. The foundation of the painting is constructed by the multiple finger prints and hand prints of individuals that chose to participate. The conceptual properties aim to celebrate the meaning of inclusion and we at CPM unite to become one. 
Throughout the Reign of Queen Elizabeth II, one can identify the positive social change that has occurred for people with disabilities. All Health and Social Care fields such as CPM are structured on British values and our mission is to combat inequalities by means of promoting inclusion, diversity, respect and dignity. 
'Past to Present' 
Nathan Tamangi in collaboration with Wendy Ann Titmus (2002) 
Acrylic, liquid acrylic on canvas, vintage jewellery, photography paper.  
Large format (5ft x 4ft). 
This work entitled 'Past to Present', organically evolved through a period of months. What began as a drawing experiment aided by the use of technology gradually developed into a large format painting. The work primarily aimed to be a contemporary representation of the iconic imagery taken from the Queen's coronation on 6th February 1952, yet intricately evolved into the hear and now. The conceptual properties aim to explore time and space during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. 

'Drawing a line' Kerrie Taylor and Nathan Tamangi (2022) Ink, liquid, acrylic, fabric paint on fabric 

We are not always conscious of our actions and the choices that we make, until we begin to analyse what has been created. The simplicity of colour and the fluidity of numerous line drawings gracefully interlink to form an intimate connection. Kerrie and Nathan's contemporary approach to drawing organically developed to depict a depth of conceptual properties relating to the present world crisis.  
Repetitive lines form connection between countries that are represented through the use of colour as a means to define how the UK aim to be a support mechanism so that those confronting devastation will not stand alone. 

'In a different light' Anthony Lunney in collaboration with Wendy Ann Titmus, (2022) Acrylic and watercolour on canvas 

The work entitled 'In a different light', was inspired by the iconic photograph of Her Majesty, the Queen entitled 'The lightness of being', by Chris Levine (2007).  
Through his life Anthony Lunney has persisted to form an intimate link with The Queen and Royalty, which has generated into an archive of correspondence. Click here to see Anthony Lunney's Royal Connections.  
Anthony's admiration for The Queen was immediately impacted when he viewed 'The lightness of being', by Levine.  
To paint a portrait inspired by Levine's work quickly transpired into Anthony's personal goal and aspiration, in which I agreed to create a collaborative painting alongside Anthony with the means of heightening his confidence and levels of self esteem that have dramatically been affected due to his inability to practice for two years duration from our centres closure during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Image below on the left 'She's Royal' Clifford Adams, (2022) Acrylic on canvas.  Image below on the right 'City to Celebrate' Louise Keough in collaboration with Wendy Ann Titmus, (2022) Drawing ink, fine line marker, liquid acrylic on canvas. 

'Ways of seeing', we all hold our own perception of The Queen. This work entitled 'She's Royal', by contemporary artist Clifford Adams strongly depicts his diverse qualities and an artistic approach that celebrates his individuality. During the Development of his work, Adams explored newly adopted techniques that have been implemented into his art practice as a means to enable him to work with minimum levels of support. Adam's work is developed through a process that explores the amalgamation of selective painting and drawing techniques that are layered. 
London is considered to be one of the greatest cities in the world, the home of many majestic Royal Palaces and some of the world's most significant works of architecture. Louise's outstanding ability to capture intricate detail and thrive towards perfectionism is entwined within the architectural structure of London that has persisted to be acknowledged as one of the greatest cities in the world. Her Intricate detail is juxtaposed by her expressive use of ink and vibrant colours that visually aim to illustrate the capitals diverse population, defined to be the most diverse city in the world. Louise has aimed to amalgamate these aspects with the objective of illustrating the overwhelming sensation one will experience when the population of London celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. 

Thank you for the best Jubilee Celebration ever! 

Our gratitude to everyone involved in creating an amazing celebration for Her Majesty, The Queen's Platinum Jubilee. 
👑Thank you to all the citizens, staff and families and that came sporting Red, White and Blue attire spreading Jubilee cheer! 
👑Thank you Wendy for enabling our artists to celebrate the Queens Jubilee to such an amazing professional degree. 
👑Thank you to the CPM citizens for their effort words, artwork and voices. 
👑Thank you Darren and Steve for our wonderful centre decor inside and outside. 
👑Thank you Rose, Dakota and Heidi for our cake. Click here Details for Dakota's Facebook Page 'Dakota's Delicious Bakes'. 

Here are some photographs below from our fabulous Jubilee centre celebrations. 

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