Combating Hate Crime Against Adults with Complex Needs: A Call to Action 

Cerebral Palsy Midlands were visited on Friday 20th October by ASB & Hate Crime Officer, Innayah Aziz, from West Midlands Police. This is a great partnership and we had planned a session together as part of National Hate Crime Awareness Week. Our plan was to create a poster campaign around Hate Crime and to have a Hate Crime Board within our centre here to help and guide our citizens should they need it. 
Everyone has the right to live free from fear, intimidation and abuse and as we are a charity organisation that directly works with adults with disabilities, we make it a priority to inform our community how they can stay safe and report hate crime if needed. 
Innayah encouraged our citizens to thin about Hate Crime. 
Our NEW Hate crime Board at Cerebral Palsy Midlands. 
From the Heart of Wednesbury to Ukraine: A Taste of Support at the Ukrainian Sunflower; Sharing Joy, Cuisine, and Compassion 
Nestled in the heart of Wednesbury, a warm and inviting haven for food enthusiasts and philanthropists alike has emerged. The Ukrainian Sunflower, a charming new restaurant at 30 Market Place WS10 7AT, has captured the essence of Ukraine's rich culinary heritage while extending a heartfelt hand of support across oceans. The aroma of authentic dishes and the spirit of giving blend seamlessly in this remarkable establishment, bringing together locals and visitors for a unique dining experience that leaves a positive mark both on palates and lives. 
Ukraine, a land of diverse traditions, has recently faced its share of challenges. Amidst these times of hardship, the hearts of our citizens and staff at Cerebral Palsy Midlands resonated with the people of Ukraine, and their efforts culminated in a fundraising endeavor that raised an impressive £225. This heartfelt contribution was aimed at offering a helping hand to the resilient souls facing adversities in Ukraine. And so, it was with immense joy that Gary Watson, the Centre Manager for CPM, had the honor of presenting this meaningful donation to the passionate team at the Ukrainian Sunflower cafe. 
Above: CPM Centre Manager Gary Watson presenting £225 donation to the Ukrainian Sunflower Cafe in support of the ongoing Ukraine cause. 
Here is our latest News from Cerebral Palsy Midlands packed with lots of up to date information: 
Our team of runners running the 'A J Bell Great Birmingham Run' raised an incredible £2092.31 for Cerebral Palsy Midlands. 
Our 'Wheel'n'Walk' sponsored walk on Sunday 25th raised £1785.85! 
'Tea with Two Sugars' Being Heard Musical Film Premieres Wednesday 20th September! 
NEW movement in water activities and swimming sessions up and running at Harborne Pool & Fitness Centre. 
Weoley Big Night Out accessible and inclusive social opportunity for adults with disabilities, thejir families and friends is back on Saturday 16th September at Weoley Castle Social Club. This is our annual fundraiser and this year we have a fantastic line up of entertainment for you with a rock band, compare and DJ and a master magician! 

Make a difference in your community by supporting a local charity event for CPM! 

The “Weoley Big Night Out” event is back on Saturday 16th September 2023, and it's better than ever! Help us raise funds for our charity to allow adults with disabilities, their families and friends, their care givers, staff and our wider community to enjoy an evening of food, drinks, and live entertainment. 
We are looking for corporate sponsorship to help us with the event costs to help support our event. This event incorporates additional costs of necessary care and transport to make sure our citizens can be fully included. As a charity, we know that without our intervention, some adults with disability don’t get to attend social inclusive nights with their friends. And that’s why we make the magic happen with our ‘Weoley Big Night Out’. 
All corporate sponsors will have their logos included on promotional materials and thanked at the event itself. Deadline 28th July 2023. 
Our incredible CPM Running team 
Can you believe the ‘AJ Bell Great Birmingham Run’ was a week ago on Sunday 7th May. We had a team of nine runners at the start of the 10k route already to run in support of raising funds for Cerebral Palsy Midlands. Through collecting sponsorship from work colleagues, family and friends, plus online donations, the team raised an incredible £2092.31! This was well over the groups fundraising target! 
Our runners were a collection of people who were staff, volunteers and also a couple of colleagues from supporting organisation ‘Medical Accident Group’. Our team had been training ahead of the race day taking part in local ‘Park Runs’. Each person who entered had their own personal challenge their own fitness challenge to take on. Take a look at some of our favourite memories: 
A huge thank you to Sophie and Steph from Midland Accident Group, CPM Staff Craig, Lucy, Wendy, Emma and Sarah. And our fantastic volunteers Paul and Heidi. Natasha had to pull out ahead of the race day due to illness, hopefully Natasha can be in the team next year! 
Here is our latest News from Cerebral Palsy Midlands packed with lots of up to date information: 
We have a team of ten runners running the 'A J Bell Great Birmingham Run' to raise funds for Cerebral Palsy Midlands. 
The 'Solitaire Pictures' and CPM 'Doctor Who Fan Series' collaboration film was premiered and was a huge success! 
We have a date for our 'Wheel'n'Walk' sponsored walk! Sunday 25th June at Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham. 
CPM's Royal Banquet community fete on Wednesday 10th May celebrates the King & Queen's Coronation. This event is open to the wider community, we would love to see you on our day of celebrations. 
Our citizens wanted to have a say in this edition - its great to hear from them! 
A big thank you to the Residential Development Team at  
'Shakespeare Martineau Residential Development Team' for raising £1499! 
March is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month and Birmingham Legal Firm 'Shakespeare Martineau Residential Development Team', their families (and furry friends) walked, ran and danced their way around a 5k route at Cannon Hill Park on Saturday 4th March to raise money for Cerebral Palsy Midlands. They walk was a huge success and they raised an incredible £1499! 
Lucy Haynes from the Residential Development Team has a two year old daughter Penny, who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy around six months ago. Penny suffers with right hemiplegia which is a form of paralysis of her right hand side and she also has epilepsy. It's quite common for a person with a disability to have more than one impairment. Recent studies show 75% of people with a disability have more than one disability. 
Lucy says "Quite amazingly Penny's brain has compensated for some of the brain damage and at the moment she is a happy mobile toddler with a healthy dose of that 'terrible two' tenacity. She will however face continual difficulties throughout her life, many of which we won't know until grows. The big challenge for her now is as she grows and develops, her movement is likely to become more restricted and she may need help and support to continue to be as mobile and independent as possible."  
Cerebral Palsy Midlands are generally a service for adults, offering a day service for adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, whose needs are complex. However, we do often get families asking for guidance and support and we will support them or signpost in anyway we can. Cerebral Palsy Midlands are hugely grateful to everyone who attended the Cannon hill walk and got behind Lucy and Penny with the Residential Development Team with an ambitious weekend walk. And, also, a huge thank you to everyone who donated, the money will help us continue to run our service for people with Cerebral Palsy. 
Lucy sent me these pictures after the walk had taken place at Cannon Hill Park of her, her daughter Penny and the 'Residential Development Team' at Shakespeare Martineau Residential Development Team. 
For more details about Shakespeare Martineau, please visit their website 
CPM citizens Colin and Margaret spent a lovely evening out yesterday with staff Wendy and Amanda as they got competitve at Weoley Castle Bingo in Birmingham. 
They both enjoyed some lovely food and enjoyed the opportunity to get out and have a bit of fun. 
Accessing the community isn't easy for both Margaret and Colin who have limited support with carers. Both citizens would not be able to access the community independantly without support and transport. And thats why, here at CPM, our 'Access the Community' at the very heart of the service we provide. The adults we provide a service for have got cerebral palsy and complex needs - they need support with many aspects like mobility, communication, toileting, care, feeding and to take part in activities. 
The feedback was that Castle Bingo staff were extrememly helpful and supportive and the building access was fully inclusive. That means that we will hopefully be able to enable other citizens to get out for agood ole game of Bingo! 
Did you know that one study found that 54% of adults with a learning disability have a mental health condition? However, the health needs of people with a learning disability can often be unrecognised, unreported, and therefore untreated. 
"This is Us" workshops have been created by "Together Minds" to help citizens who attend from CPM: 
To understand the needs and experiences of people with mental health conditions and learning disabilities 
To identify the symptoms of mental ill health for someone who has a learning disability. 
To recognise how to support an adult with learning disabilities who is experiencing mental ill health. 
This years January CPM Newsletter is ready for you to read, in this edition we have lot of news; 
AGM Awards 
Mental Health Workshops are backwith Jo-Anne Shellum from Together minds. 
Our 'Big Night Out' fundraiser has been booked. 
Find out how you can support CPM. 
NEW Inclusive discos in your local community. 
Girl Guides at CPM 
Thank you's for our support and donations. 


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