The Bear Grylls Adventure wanted to let you know about their upcoming event!  
On Wednesday 17th June, they will be having their very first ‘Accessibility Day’.  
Inclusive activities include; Fear Zone, Archery, Shooting, Climbing, Escape Room, High Ropes, Snorkel, IFLY and Diving. 
What the Accesibility Day will be providing? 
They are providing a day solely for guests with any ability, it will be a slow paced day, giving guests the chance to come in and feel relaxed to do their activity without feeling rushed by other guests.  
Music will be off and all lights will be on, as we understand this can be very distressing to some guests.  
Activity timeslots will allow guests the extra time that may be needed for their ability so this event date is not advertised on our website. 
'Bear Grylls Adventure' have full accessibility; accessible toilets, lifts, and hoists (Please note: Guests would need to provide their own sling for Dive & Snorkel and changing facilities.) 
Onsite 'British Sign Language' (BSL) users will be available, ranging from qualified interpreters to students in training. Our staff members are currently working hard to learn British Sign Language to communicate with any guests who use British Sign Language as their first language. You’re welcome to bring your own Interpreter if needed. 
Disabled parking, it is limited so it would be first come first served basis. Guests would need to provide 'Bear Grylls Adventure' with their car details so we can book them in as soon as possible, as our car park is ran by the NEC Birmingham. 
Carer’s tickets, all carers will get a free ticket with the guest they are caring for, as long as proof is provided. 
How do you book? 
You can now book this on our website, the link provide is the only for the accessibility day 
Group bookings must be booked through our marketing team, please contact 
If you’re local to the area you can pop into the attraction and book at our admissions desk. Please ensure guests booking on Dive, Snorkel and IFLY have read and complete our medical form which is on our website. 
Please note; you cannot book on our main website; we have taken it off our site to ensure members of the public cannot book on this day. We want to ensure that guests will any accessible needs and their friends and family too can enjoy a day solely for them, this can only be booked via our website provided at above. 
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