Cerebral Palsy Midlands together with Sociability Care organised today's support group session for 'Looking Forward' to be focussed on self care. Reiki and relaxation specialist Sarah Louise Rowlands was bought in to talk to parents, carers, staff and clients about the importance of looking after ourselves. 
Taking five minutes to practise breathing and meditation techniques has huge health benefits on combating stress, anxiety. These methods can reduce blood pressure and help you to feel better and to be more healthier. Sarah Rowlands advised "Giving the brain five minutes to switch off can make a huge difference to our lives, particularly when we are busy, lead stressful lives, we have a lot going on and for some of us are caring and having to be dependant for others. How can we be best at caring if we are not caring for ourselves? All it takes is five minutes a day, this won't take the stress away but will allow you to be stronger and better mentally equipped to take on the daily struggles." 
The group practised a couple of techniques that were easy to follow and were no longer than five minutes to try. 
The next 'Looking Forward' support group will take place Thursday 9th March at 10.00am at Cerebral Palsy Midlands and will see Jo-Anne Fisher from Sociability Care provide a talk on Safeguarding. Any one is able to come to this session and it is a free training opportunity to the local community, health and care professionals as well as parents, clients, carers and staff. 
Sarah Louise Rowlands will also be offering mini Reiki treatments to some of the clients at Cerebral Palsy Midlands after our next meeting Thursday 9th March around 11am at the centre.  
It was nice to have a couple of new faces in the support group today and it was clear we still have lots to do to reach out to help those who need it in the community, to those people who need support caring for someone with a disability. Parents did feel that there was support out there but it was difficult to come by or find out about. That there was no central place to go to if you were a parent of a child or adult with a disability. Cerebral Palsy Midlands would like to create an A to Z guide of local services that will help parents to understand how they can be supported that can be accessible for those who need it. 
'Looking Forward' will be developing their programme to make sure we reach out and support those in the community that need advice, help or simply a listening ear. If you can provide support or training or perhaps can display a poster or leaflet in your organisation then please do get in touch with Sarah Lilly on sarah@cpmids.org.uk or contact Jo-Anne Fisher jo.fisher@sociabilitycare.org. 
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