Brand NEW weekly massage therapy sessions have started at Cerebral Palsy Midlands with trained therapist Rebecca Morroll. Our citizens have reported; 
Reduced Pain 
Feeling relaxed 
Better sleep 
Less tense muscles 
Overall improved wellbeing 
Samantha said; 
"I absolutely love it. It helps me with my physical movement and also mentally with my wellbeing. I am in a different headspace afterwards" 
Nathan said; 
"It is nice to experience the sense of touch. I would definately have it done again. It is really relaxing." 
Joe said; 
"It is really good. It helps me sleep. I sleep a lot better now." 
Anthony said; 
"Absolutely brilliant and beneficial. Helps me with the pain in my back, it releives the pain." 
Colin also enjoys the weekly sessions and said "I could have gone to sleep." 
Vicky also has noticed a huge difference in her muscles feeling less tense and sleeping better. It really helped reduced the tightness and stiffness in her shoulders and back. 
More CPM citizens will be trialling the therapy sessions over the coming Wednesday's, but so far everyone who has had the treatment has given fantastic feedback. Rebecca Morroll has her own independant practice, if you would like to know more abour her services, email Development Officer Sarah lilly at and we will ensure your message gets to Rebecca. 
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