Today was my second day volunteering at Cerebral Palsy Midlands (CPM) and it’s been another great day. The centre was very busy with lots of familiar faces who were here to enjoy the fun activities on offer today. This morning I was able to sit in on and observe a music session held for the service users, it was another very interesting experience and an opportunity to get to know everyone here at CPM a little better. The music group often sing and play music and are working on a musical production.  
Today the group were listening to and discussing music, each member of the group chose whatever song they would like to hear and discussed a little bit about why they like that particular song and how it makes them feel. It turned out to be a very, very feel good morning with a real surprising mix of song choices. 
Throughout the session members of the group sat down and stood up, danced and clapped, smiled and giggled and sang along and cheered to all sorts of music, from Steps to Usher and from big band Music to Cliff Richard. It was clearly fun for all involved with smiles all round. I saw every member of the group have the opportunity to express themselves, through their song choice, through their reasons for that choice and through the emotions they expressed as the music played. 
This activity was accessible to all the service users regardless of ability and was therapeutic and beneficial for its participants. Here is what some of them had to say about the experience. 
“I like the music session because it makes me happy” Leanne 
“I like having fun with my friends and listening to music” Gary 
“Music helps me be positive when I’m feeling down” Keris 
“I love the Music group it makes me feel good” Ian 
It has been another fab day here at CPM the service users have been very welcoming towards me and they’re getting to me better each day. Today I have been chatting with them and finding out some of the things they enjoy doing here. Everyone is very excited about the upcoming events planned for 2017 like the CPM factor (watch this space) where many of them are really looking forward to sharing their musical talents with us all and having a good time. I’m very excited to find out more about the activities and events that will be going on her at CPM and about working more with the service users and staff. 
By Volunteer Kelly Rose 
Health & Social Care student 
Newman University 
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On 11th January 2017 at 15:51, sally haynes-preece wrote:
Good to hear you had another good Kelly


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