Living with a physical disability can be very challenging in many different ways and aspects of life. One of the most challenging ways is trying to stay active and find the most suitable way of making exercise a part of our lifestyle. In this blog we will cover five different ways in which an individual with a physical disability/impairment can stay active and benefit from a healthier lifestyle. 
1.) Going to the gym 
Although going to the gym can be quite a difficult task for some, it imposes many different health benefits with the main advantage being that it strengthens your heart and improves blood circulation. It is not easy for people with physical disabilities and mobility issues to regularly attend a gym due to accessibility issues however, many gyms are now inclusive and wheelchair accessible and can be used by people of all ages and abilities and that includes most gyms here in Birmingham. To find the nearest accessible leisure centre to you, please visit the following link:  
For more information about the country's leading disability sports organisation who support individuals with Cerebral Palsy to reach their full sporting potential, please visit the following link:  
2.) Adapted sports 
Over the years, it has become possible for people with physical disabilities and impairments to take part in many different sports with them being adapted and suitable for their needs. This is a massive advancement in sports and is very beneficial for people who may find it challenging to find the motivation to go to the gym and make exercise a part of their routine. Adapted sports allow individuals to stay active and get the exercise they need all whilst having some fun and meeting new people. To find out more about adapted sports and decide which sport you would like to try, please click on the following link: 
3.) Being productive around the house 
Most of us spend a lot of time at home doing some household chores which in fact can be very beneficial for your health as you are moving around all day and improving your blood circulation. Sometimes it can be as simple as tidying your bedroom or washing the dishes to get some exercise done and if you make this a daily habit then you are definitely on the right track for a healthier lifestyle. 
Written and published by Ahmed Hassan  
Work experience student (Digital Marketing)  
University College Birmingham  
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