This is a "Doctor Who" fan series film with a difference! Because it has an inclusive cast and staff and citizens from CPM. Craig Keogh's hobby of filming "Doctor Who" fan series films under his project name 'Solitary Pictures' has developed with a fully inclusive approach after he started his career here at CPM as a member of our staff team. Craig has had to adapt, re write, use special effects and bespoke design costumes for those the extra support needs.  
One in five people have a disability yet people with disability and complex needs are still underrepresented in the media, on film and TV and that's because filming people with complex needs takes extra funding, extra time, extra support and must take into consideration many more factors: accessible location, accessible toilet facilities, carer support and more. Hopefully, amateur fan series films like this one we will be premiering will show how it really can be done and impact further opportunities for people with disability to be involved in film. 

The Film Premiere 

"The New Pandemic", was premiered at Cerebral Palsy Midlands, Friday 24th March 2023 at 1.30pm with huge success. Adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities have been featured in the cast and crew, giving them opportunities to explore creative arts, film, drama and acting. We had a very busy media room and CPM even lay out the 'Red Carpet' to host the film. Don't worry if you missed the premiere at CPM as the link to the film is below. 

Here it is - "The New Pandemic" for you to watch! 

“The New Pandemic” short film is a sequel to “2020 vision”. “2020 vision” is about the start of a new threat for mankind but not one that ‘The Doctor’ can fix. “The New Pandemic” film follows on from “2020 vision” as things get worse and the new threat, the Cybermen, begin their full invasion of Earth. Can The Doctor, Henry and a few new friends save humanity from themselves? Click here or on the video on the right to view the film in full.  

Film 1: 2020 Vision 

To watch "2020 vision, please click on the smaller video here on the right. 
Click on the link above to watch "The New Pandemic". 

Inclusion in Media: The Making of 'The New Pandemic' Doctor Who Fan Series Film 

Meet the people behind the episode "The New Pandemic and discover the thoughts behind the story and historical context of the episode. 
With this particular ‘Doctor Who Fan Series’ film, Craig chose Harborne and Birmingham charity ‘Cerebral Palsy Midlands’ (CPM), an adult day service for adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, to use as the filming location. CPM’s centre is fully accessible with a ground floor layout and ramps to outside spaces, widened doorways, ‘Changing Place’ toilet facilities for those who need such toileting facilities and a team of care staff able to offer support. 
Citizens were asked if they wanted to be involved, costumes and scripts had to be adapted to suit the needs of individuals and in some instances Craig had to seek digital special effects to help support those who wanted to be involved but needed that little bit of extra help. 

Here is an example of how Craig has had to adapt and be creative to tailor his film and make it fully inclusive. 

Vicky Lilly asked Craig if she could be a Cyber person and Craig came up with a bespoke design that could work with her electric wheelchair and bespoke tila bar and table which Vicky uses for movement. As Vicky has involuntary movements with her cerebral palsy she would be unable to wear the cyber head helmet so this will digitally imposed onto the film. 

More images below of the filming taking place at Cerebral Palsy Midlands. 


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